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Gulfmann Postcards Collection has changed new blog address,
welcome to my new organized blog,

Welcome all your valuable comments, also welcome for
postcards exchange.

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Tulips and Sunflowers Postcards Wanted

Tulips and Sunflowers Postcards Wanted
I am looking for all unwritten (unused) poscards with the themes of Tulips and Sunflowers, as same as or similar as the specimen images, if you can provide any of the unwritten postcards, please direct email to me on anytime, Thanks.

OWLS Postcards Request

Republic of China (Taiwan) GPO will issue a set of
four pieces of OWLS stamps on July 7, 2011.

Looking for all different single view unused OWLS
postcards, all the owls postcards will no any words
or logo on the front picture side only.

If there is any OWLS postcards for exchange,
please direct inform me early, Thanks.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Animals Postcards Wanted

I am looking for all different type Animals unused postcards,
1. Polar Bears, Black Bears,
2. Koala, Kangaroo,
3. Labrador dog, Golden Retriver, Border Collies, St. Bernard, Yorkshire Terriers, German Pomeranier, Beagles, Husky dogs.
4. Dolphins and Whales,
All the postcards will no any wording or logo on the front picture side, in single view only.
I will reply in unused postcards from Taiwan.
Waiting for all worldwide swap, Thanks.

George T. M. Wu
P. O. Box 4-155,
Yungho, Taipei 23499,
Republic of China.